Past Featured Projects

St. Joeseph’s Church, Guelph

Opened in 1964, the church committee approached BNE Contractors to solve a persistent moisture issue present in the basement auditorium space.  The existing floor was vinyl flooring which was leaching water and bubbling up as a result of the moisture vapour drive issue in the concrete slab.

BNE Contractors performed an onsite analysis and presented all of the options available including the benefits and disadvantage of each option.  The recommendation for a long term and cost effective solution that would give them years of hassle free maintenance was Polished Concrete!

BNE’s expert installation team performed the removal of the previous floor and transformed the problematic eyesore into a functional and aesthetically pleasing surface.  The transformation was truly divine!

Food Processing Company Located in Ontario

A food processing company located in Ontario that makes frozen entrees was not happy with previous floor coatings. They were looking for a solution that would last, be safe and perform.

The existing floor was bare concrete that was poured a couple of years ago and required a seamless flooring system to meet CFIA standards, provide safety for employees when wet and withstand fluctuations in temperature.

BNE provided a polyurethane flooring system complete with cove base and wrap over curb detail on walls. The complete system was a polyurethane base broadcast with a silica sand and top coated to lock in slip resistant texture.

The customer was very pleased with the expertise presented, the installation crew and the final finish floor.



Hamilton Museum of Steam Technology

The City of Hamilton approached BNE Contractors to review the floor at the 150-year-old Waterworks.  The Museum of Steam and Technology is a National Historic Site, the oldest Civil and Power Engineering Landmark.

The existing floor had a number of layers of old worn out epoxy and had been repurposed several times.

The client was looking for a floor solution that would provide longevity, low maintenance and durability for moving displays and exhibits.  As well they required a floor that would complement the building and be a backdrop for the artifacts.

BNE provided an Ameriploish polishing system complete with mid level shine and a stain repelling impregnator.

The results were remarkable!



Royal Botanical Gardens

Burlington, Ontario
Completed September 2015

This Project is a part of a vast renovation to the Royal Botanical Gardens’ Rock Garden. This project includes the design and completion of this brand new world-class facility which BNE Contractors is proud to have had the opportunity to complete the concrete flooring finish.

BNE worked closely with the General Contractor, Ira McDonald Construction to finish the unique concrete floor in this unique facility.  They had  6,400 square feet of space that needed a world class Polish to a beautiful shine including finishing all joints.   Our Crew came in on time and on budget. The Process applied to complete this outstanding floor was as follows:

  • Grind to prepare Substrate
  • Fill all joints
  • Apply densifier 
  • Polish to level 3 Sheen