Concrete requires core ingredients – water, cement, sand and gravel – in varying ratios for types of workability. At BNE, we apply this same principle to offer our customers a concrete range of services, completely tailored to meet your needs.
An on-site audit of the current state of your floor in conjunction with overall compliance for safety and performance.
An on-site assessment for a highly functional, beautiful, long-lasting floor.
Logistics expertise so your part in project management is hassle-free.
We can have a crew at your site within days, not weeks like our competitors.
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Compliance And Safety Assurance

Whether you need a concrete flooring system that adheres to safety policies, meets corporate standards or complies with audits, BNE ensures you have the right floor system for your facility’s needs.

We have years of experience working with facility managers to ensure that performance requirements and overall compliance with safety needs for your flooring project are met.

When we visit your facility, we diagnose and define any concerns, collaborating with you to create the right concrete flooring solution. Recording each step of the project, we are also able to provide you with documentation that your flooring was installed to material manufacturers’ compliance specifications.


Aesthetics Assessment

Having worked with so many industries, and with many blue-chip companies, we are experts in understanding your need for consistent aesthetics.

Our on-site assessment is designed to prompt questions about your specific flooring needs based on work environment and uses. Upon review of your concrete flooring requirements and environment, we make recommendations for the flooring system that will best complement your needs.

During this assessment, we also educate you on your options, so you’re equipped to make educated decisions based on value and a long-term solution.


Concrete Coordination

You don’t need hassles with your building projects – you need a reliable, trustworthy contractor to get the job done. That’s why BNE starts every concrete flooring project by collecting all logistical criteria needed to create and execute an effective management plan.

After your flooring project kicks off, we provide you with the rhythmic check-in of your choice (daily, weekly, etc.) to update you on the progress.

We are also up front and honest when it comes to setting expectations and hitting deadlines. In the event we foresee a deadline could be compromised, we have the manpower, equipment and financial horsepower to react to unforeseen complications of projects to meet the projected deadline.


Customer Commitment

At BNE, we rapidly respond to concerns before, during and after installation. Where other concrete flooring contractors take weeks to show up and do repairs, we’re capable of having a team on site within days.

BNE Contractors works within your time frame to ensure minimal downtime.

We also have the manpower and flexibility to mobilize to sites across Canada. This makes it possible for BNE to respond with a positive, direct approach to your issues related to repairs, deficiencies and maintenance.

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