Concrete Patching and Concrete Repair

The concrete floor in an industrial building is the company’s work surface. How efficiently the material handling vehicles run depends on how smooth and level the concrete floor is. If the concrete surface is smooth and interruption free then productivity is enhanced as are overall aesthetics. If left to deteriorate this can lead to costly repairs to material handling equipment and excessive downtime or lost productivity. All concrete curls and all concrete shrinks. This curling and shrinkage leads to necessary concrete repairs.

BNE Contractors provides a complete line of concrete patching and concrete repair services including: crack repair, control joint filling, joint restoration, under slab stabilization, surface repairs and much more.

Joint Filling & Joint restoration:

Saw cuts (control joints) are placed in a newly poured concrete surface to control cracks. The function of a control joint is to transfer load. If one side of control joint deflects under load while the other remains high edge damage; referred to as spalling begins to occur. BNE Contractors utilizes epoxy mortars, in conjunction with semi rigid polyurea or epoxy control joint fillers to rebuild spalled edges and repair the control joint thus restoring continuity to the concrete surface.

Under slab Stabilization:

If slab curl is severe it can lead to one side of the concrete slab being higher than the adjacent one. When severe slab curl occurs it can lead to the bottom (underside) of the slab lifting off the sub-grade below, thus being in a cantilevered position. Too much of load and this suspended section of concrete will break off. BNE Contractors uses a revolutionary pressurized expanding urethane to fill the void under the slab and thus preventing deflection and the potential for the slab to break off.

Crack repair:

All concrete shrinks leading to cracking. Hairline cracking or crazing is common in concrete however structurally speaking does not need to be repaired. Cracks greater than 1/16” can present trip hazards and will likely become wider with the presence of material handling equipment. We have a full line of fast curing crack repair products to get your floor back into use with the least amount of downtime.

Surfaces Repairs / delamination:

Impact damage can leave concrete pitted, chipped or with large holes. This reduces tow motor or operator efficiency and presents a safety hazard. BNE Contractors provides fast curing products to patch damaged concrete surfaces. Your floors will be safe and provide greater plant efficiency.

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