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ASHFORD FORMULA™ Permanently seal your concrete surface

For years, the only approach to protecting concrete floors has been to cover them with a film or membrane.  Such products include acrylics, urethanes, epoxies and waxes.  By their very nature, however, coatings are only a temporary solution.  They are subject to delamination, scratching, chipping and wear.  Eventually, they have to be replaced.  This involves the expense of downtime, materials and labor.  Some inexpensive coatings last only as little as 6 months to a year, so the associated maintenance costs are frequent and high.

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The Ashford Formula™ takes a different approach to concrete floor protection.  Rather than coating the surface with organic solids, the Ashford Formula™ grows new crystals in the concrete itself.  This reaction fills in the natural pores and voids in the concrete and provides a dense, hard surface that is easy to clean.  The concrete is densified internally and inorganically.  There is nothing to wear off the surface, nor is there anything to replace.  The same reaction also makes the surface much harder and resistant to abrasion.  In addition, the floor surface is rendered free of dust.


Benefits of the Ashford Formula™:

  • Permanent Dust proofing:  Your floor needs to be free of dust.  Concrete naturally dusts and powders from efflorescence, which then settles on finished goods, racks and equipment. Ashford Formula™ combines with the sales in the concrete to become an integral part of the concrete, thus completely dustproofing the surface.
  • Abrasion resistance:  Concrete floors need to be durable. The densification process makes your concrete more abrasion resistant.  An Ashford Formula™ treated floor will be 32% harder within the first 30 minutes of treatment.  The chemical reaction from the densifier continues for 6-12 months after the initial application, making the concrete harder over time.
  • Permanent Sheen: The densification process doesn't stop with sealing, hardening and dustproofing.  Steel trowelled concrete floors also take on a permanent and attractive marble-like sheen.  The longer these floors are subjected to cleaning and traffic, the better they look. Floors with Ashford Formula™ have fewer tire marks from forklifts and other equipment.

THE OLDER IT GETS, THE BETTER IT LOOKSRegular and diligent cleaning of your floor will help it develop a pleasing, marble-like sheen.  If the floor is not cleaned on a regular basis, the sheen on the surface will begin to dull, and the floor will take on a soiled appearance.


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