Epoxy coatings, Seamless Flooring

For 20 years BNE Contractors has been a leader in providing high performance floor coatings to food and beverage, heavy industrial, commercial and chemical containment areas. We use only 100% solids odourless, zero VOC materials.

Food and Beverage:

Existing food and beverage facilities pose one of the most challenging environments for floors: constant moisture, thermal shock, highly aggressive chemical cleaners and heavy wear conditions. Our resin rich one step trowelled epoxy and urethanes are fast curing providing quick turnaround; thereby reducing downtime. Our resin rich epoxies possess superior damp adhesion, thermal shock and chemical resistance properties. These resin rich flexibilized epoxies or urethane cements have physical properties closer to that of concrete; reducing bond line stress failures.

Industrial Coatings:

Each industrial facility has its own unique needs when it comes to protecting its concrete floors. We can offer custom solutions to fit your budget, timeframe, and safety objectives. From simple dust proofing to chemical resistant battery charge areas we have a complete line of industrial coatings and trowelled epoxies. We install bright, reflective floor coatings that are easy to clean and maintain, and providing a safe walking surface for your employees. Our resin rich trowelled or self levelling systems are tough enough to handle constant heavy vehicle traffic.

Chemical Containment:

Whether your needs are drum storage or unloading areas, trenches and sumps, pump bases or secondary containment, we've got you covered. Our novolac epoxies provide long term protection for your concrete against a wide variety of concentrated acids, solvents, and caustics. They can be applied in a single step reducing your down time and the chance of intercoat adhesion failures. Our systems have excellent damp adhesion and enhanced toughness resulting in better resistance to thermal and mechanical shock compared to harder, more brittle conventional materials.

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