Polished Concrete

Whether you have a new concrete surface or a 50 year slab the polished concrete process can transform your concrete into an abrasion resistant eye appealing floor finish.

Polished Concrete has become one of the fastest growing green building flooring products for use in commercial, retail and industrial applications.  Known for its low maintenance costs it also provides superior durability, permanent dust proofing and a highly reflective surface. Polished concrete has bridged the gap between aesthetics and performance of concrete as a final finish.

Polished concrete involves the use of industrial diamonds to open the top surface of the concrete to accept a water based densifier / hardener.  The densifier reacts chemically with the concrete to harden the surface and provide a permanent dust proofing.  Resin diamonds are then used to hone the surface finer and finer thereby creating a shine on the surface of the concrete.

Clients have the option of choosing satin, semi gloss or glossy finish.   Grinding deeper into the concrete allows aggregate to be exposed providing the client with a terrazzo look at a fraction of the price of cement or epoxy based terrazzo.

Polished concrete is available in many colours by utilizing concrete dyes or stains in the process.   Plain grey concrete can come to life with the use of bright red or yellow concrete dyes.  Looking to add some warmth to a space try one of our earth tone browns.   Concrete stains allow the end user many alternatives to utilizing polished concrete as a final finish.

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