Featured Services For A Wide Range Of Concrete Flooring Systems

Toppings and Overlayments
Decorative Concrete Flooring
Epoxy Coatings, Seamless Flooring
Dust Proofing/Concrete Hardener/Sealer
Specialized Applications
Epoxy Terrazzo
Concrete Patching &
Concrete Repair
Concrete Surface Preparation

"I am pleased with both your workmanship and the product. Everyone is happy with the colour and the texture. Greg and his sidekick put in some long days and I appreciate that we had the room back in time for some other maintenance tasks. Down the road, if there are other projects, I will be sure to include you in the process." – Steve

Before starting your project, we conduct a BNE Aesthetics Assessment to offer you a variety of options for concrete flooring systems that are visually stunning and durable for long-term sustainability.

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